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Discouraged by less than crisp, vibrant results from other histology stain kits that take way too long in the first place? If you're tired of the lengthy staining procedures, complicated instructions, extra steps, and mixed results seen in other stain kits, then its time to try a MasterTech Stain Kit. American MasterTech's Histology Stain Kits are individually dispensed, capped, leak tested, quality tested, packed, and sealed with a tamper-evident seal. Going the extra mile to give your lab a personal touch and the best possible products are just the beginning.

With shorter staining times and microwave procedures, American MasterTech Histology Stain Kits will save your lab time while cutting diagnostic procedure costs. To save even more tech time, American MasterTech's Histology Stain Kits are easy to adapt to run on any open platform autostainer. So, step up to an American MasterTech Histology Stain Kit, where quality, excellence, and service are packaged into one convenient box!

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